Processing and Application of Fresh Herbs at School of AgroTechnology

Professor Dr Zhang Hai Bin, the chief physician and doctor from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine , holder of a post doctorate from China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fresh Chinese medicine expert and director of Beijing Zhangyangbohai Hospital gave a talk on “Processing and Application of Fresh herbs” to teaching instructors of School of Agro-Techology and Applied Science at IBTE Agro-Technology campus in Kg Wasan.
The herbal expert also visited the campus mini herbal garden and hopes to form further collaboration with the instructors of School of AgroTechology and Applied Science in the development of herbal garden and to identify the potential uses of the local herbs found around the campus area.

He was accompanied by Mdm Ren LiHong, the Chief Financial Officer of Beijing Zhangyangbohai Hospital and Mdm Pan Han Liang, Executive Managing Director, Beijing Sangzi Education and Technology co., Ltd, who is also the coordinator for this trip.

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