IBTE Convocation Guidelines

Dear IBTE graduates,

In assuring the success and safety of the Convocation Ceremony, we are pleased to share the Convocation Guidelines for IBTE’s 28th Convocation Ceremony at the Main Hall, ICC on 7-10th December 2020.

Download Convocation Guidelines Video
Download Convocation Guidelines PDF

In light of the COVID-19 situation, there will be NO REHEARSAL for this year ceremony as a precautionary measure as advised by the Ministry of Health to control the spread of COVID-19 outbreak.

In this regard, we have provided video guideline (be sure to log in your IBTE email) and pdf guideline to inform our graduates about the flow and sequence of the ceremony as well as the steps to receive your certificate and convocation attire. All graduates must understand the instructions provided in the video and pdf to ensure the Convocation ceremony would run smoothly and perfectly.

For more info, you may email to: acsecretariat@ibte.edu.bn

Note: The Health and Safety information in this guideline is in accordance to the Ministry of Health’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on mass gathering. The IBTE Convocation Ceremony is included in the category of mass gathering which is currently in Phase 3 which limits to 350 people only.

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