FEBRUARY 2021 – The TVET Academy was established in November 2018 and officially launched on 7th July 2020. In coincide with the aim of providing opportunities and pathways in developing teacher standards and qualities; TVET Academy has also formed a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) section. The CPD section aims to provide continuous professional development courses, workshops, seminars and trainings, which are TVET-related to both teaching and non-teaching instructors/teachers from the IBTE community, public and private organizations and external stakeholders. 

On this aspect, TVET Academy had organized a series of courses, workshops, seminars and trainings that had provided opportunities for Teacher Trainees of Foundation in Technical Education (FTE), Certificate of Technical Education (CTE), Diploma in Technical Education (DTE), IBTE Staff and Teachers, and other external stakeholders, as part of the initiative for Continuous Professional Development over the course of 2021. The courses, workshops, seminars and trainings ranges from the topic of; Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership and Management, Special Needs Education, Inclusive Education, Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning, and Competency-based Assessment amongst others.

In line with cultivating high performances and productivities within the workforce, TVET Academy had organized a one day online workshop – ‘Relieve Stress, Recharge and Increase Productivity’ conducted and delivered by Mr. Chandraseagran Suppiah, Director/Consultant & Trainer, from Mind Drive Sdn Bhd. through Zoom conference. The workshop was held at IBTE Headquarters, Conference Room (P1) on 17 February 2021. A total of 30 participants, from IBTE staff and teacher trainees from CTE and DTE programmes had joined the eventful workshop.

The workshop’s objectives were to:

  • Understand individual’s own stressors, symptoms, patterns and its impact
  • Be aware of the dynamics of personal life and work life in relation to stress
  • Challenge and change behaviour patterns
  • Managing stressful situations at home and at work effectively
  • Apply skills and strategies to use stress positively for happiness and empowerment

Furthermore, the workshop had also explored and discussed the areas of; i) The Psychology and Physiology of Stress, ii) Self-Exploration – Personal Stress Profile, iii) Practical Strategies for Managing Stress and iv) Recharge: Mental Health and Work Life Balance.

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