MAY 2021 – Through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) trainings, career-minded teachers are expected to consistently sharpen their knowledge and skills, become more proficient and holistic in their roles as teachers and thereby becoming more effective and efficient with various aspects of their job roles.

TVET Academy Continuous Professional Development (CPD) section had initiated and organized a series of courses, workshops, seminars and trainings that had provided opportunities for Teacher Trainees of Foundation in Technical Education (FTE), Certificate of Technical Education (CTE), Diploma in Technical Education (DTE), IBTE Staff and Teachers, and other external stakeholders, as part of the initiative for Continuous Professional Development over the course of 2021. 

In relation to the specialization of skills in Coaching and Mentoring for teachers, TVET Academy had organized a one day workshop on ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ on 22 May 2021. The workshop was led by Madam Reena Lim Bee Yew, at TVET Academy – Training Room 1 and was participated by 13 teacher trainees of Foundation in Technical Education (FTE) programme.

The main objectives delivered during the Coaching and Mentoring workshop were to:

• Understand and distinguish the differences between coaching, mentoring and counselling, and the circumstances that warrant one approach or other

• Introduce the basic principles and strategies of coaching in an educational setting, and

• Practise some key skills in peer coaching, using an appropriate coaching model

Along with the objectives, the workshop also examined knowledge on:

• Fundamental of Coaching: Definitions, Goals, Ethics and Boundaries

• Personal qualities of an effective coach

• Coaching Skills and Strategies

• The GROW Model

Consequently, the workshop had provided an opportunity for the FTE teacher trainees to further develop their skills through the introductory ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ workshop.

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