About IBTE

Officially established in May 2014, Institute of Brunei Technical Education is a leading post-secondary educational institution in Brunei Darussalam aimed at equipping the nation’s youth with the skills and knowledge needed to promote economic growth of the country in line with Wawasan 2035.

Constituted as a statutory board under the purview of the Ministry of Education and with its own Board of Governor (BOG), IBTE offers four levels of training namely, Industrial Skills Qualification or ISQ (BDQF Level 2), National Technical Education Certificate or NTec (BDQF Level 3), Higher National Technical Education Certificate or HNTec (BDQF Level 4) and Diploma (BDQF Level 5). 

IBTE has two network of schools- IBTE Central and IBTE Satellite with seven campuses spread out in two districts with a vibrant and community of more than 3500 students and about 900 teaching and non-teaching staff.

In 2019 IBTE launched its new Strategic Plan 2019-2024 a 5-year strategic framework that is structured around three key strategic goals which are aligned to the strategic objectives outlined in the Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and serve to cultivate a thriving IBTE in providing a transformative and enriching student experience, to foster purposeful partnerships and inclusive networks and to position IBTE as the institution of choice.

In 2020, IBTE reached another milestone when TVET Academy a subsidiary of IBTE that offers teacher training in Foundation in Technical Education, Certificate in Technical Education and Diploma in Technical Education officially open its doors. 

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