Authentic Learning Lab

IBTE School of Hospitality and Tourism

It is one of the oldest authentic learning centres of IBTE, called The Longhouse Training Restaurant. Situated at the IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus in Jalan Muara, students gain experience by preparing food in the industry standard kitchen and learning to interact with restaurant customers. Students also learn the management and operations of running a food establishment including what to put on the menu with a supervising instructor. The training restaurant is operational five days a week for lunch time and is open to the public. Reservation is encouraged as seats are limited. During events and functions for IBTE and the Ministry of Education, the hospitality students will be the first in line in preparing the meals, setting the tables and serving the VIPs. During state functions our students get the opportunity to work in the Royal Palace and serve overseas dignitaries. You can find our students working in the kitchens and running the floor of the likes of the Empire Hotel and other major hotels and restaurants in the country; all serving you with a smile. If you miss the scheduled lunches, pop by the Longhouse Café for some light refreshments.

IBTE School of Information Communication Technology

To prepare the authentic laboratory for teaching and learning with real business scenarios and industry processes, the school collaborated with the IT industry in the utilization of the labs and sought advice on industry standards and practices. Currently, there are a Creative Web Lab and PC Hardware Lab at IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus, Jalan Muara and a Network Lab at IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus in Kuala Belait to create realistic work environments for their students.

IBTE School of Business

The Youth Enterprise Service (YES) Centre is situated at IBTE Business Campus, Gadong. It is a retail outlet managed entirely by students selling a range of exclusive IBTE products such as polo shirts, mugs, bottle flasks, stationeries and umbrellas as well as IT gadgets. Food and beverage items produced by IBTE campuses such as IBTE Agro-Technology Campus in Wasan and the School of Hospitality from IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus in Jalan Muara can also be found on sale here. IBTE-YES Centre is open during school hours and for the public. Secondary students and their teachers can always be spotted visiting the YES centre for an educational visit, as well as high ranking government officers stopping by for a latte or cappuccino as the centre also boasts a barista on duty.

Mini Plant

The mini-plant located at IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus, Kuala Belait is a collaboration between the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE), Energy and Industry Department, Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO) with the operator and service companies in the oil and gas industry. The discussions about the mini plant project first started in the second quarter of 2015 and the first engagement with local service companies took place on 9th September 2016. The project was expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2017.

The objectives of acquiring the mini plant are as follows:

To support the vision and mission of the IBTE by having first-class training equipment that is up-to-date and relevant to the industry and in turn be able to produce graduates that are highly skilled and job-ready aligned with the industry requirements and standards
To supplement the theoretical lessons imparted in the classrooms by having practical lessons using the mini plant as well as assessments of competency via the real-world environment and scenarios that are relevant to industry and standards
To provide the opportunity and platform to instructors and practitioners from the industry to train and develop their skills further through the use of the mini-plant (i.e. continuous professional development, up-skilling, upgrading etc.)

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