Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How and where to apply to IBTE? 

All interested applicants may apply through our website at

What is the entry requirement to IBTE? 

IBTE has a wide range of programme with different entry requirement. Interested applicants may check the requirement at

Do you have nursing programmes in IBTE? 

Yes we do, Please check the IBTE eProspectus at

What programmes do you have in IBTE? 

Please check our IBTE eProspectus for the programmes we offered at

What is the entry requirements to go to Politeknik Brunei?/ What programme can I take that can progress to PB?/ What GPA do I need to apply to PB? 

Politeknik Brunei (PB) is NOT under IBTE, you may contact PB directly regarding their programme requirements 

Does IBTE accept IGCSE?/ Can I apply using IGCSE Maths or IGCSE English? 

-Yes, IBTE accept IGCSE 

*NOTE: Some programmes are specific with the IGCSE grades requirement, eg: A-B only 

Can I apply with BTEC or other qualifications? 

Applicants with BTEC qualifications may apply. 

*BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate minimum is required to apply. (From government school)  

*BTEC from private institution and other certifications, you may contact the Registrar Office for more information at 2422208 / 2457104 / 2422306 

Can purple and Green Smart Card (IC) holder apply? 

Yes, Purple Smart Card holders may apply to IBTE

For Green Smart Card holder you may contact the Registrar Office for more information at

Where can I check the list of programmes offered by IBTE? 

Details regarding IBTE programmes are available at 

How much are the school fees? /How much is the allowance provided? / How to apply for hostel accommodation? 

All details regarding allowances / hostel accommodation & transport allowance, Please refer to IBTE registrar office at  

Why is the registration fee so expensive? 

Pre-registration fee for some programmes required specialize uniform and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health and safety purpose 

*Registration fees can be paid in instalments. (Please inform the person in charge during pre-registration) 

Is there an age limit to apply to IBTE?  

 Majority of our programmes do not have an age limit but some of our programmes do have specific age requirements, to know more please check our eProspectus at  

What are the requirements for adult applicants to apply to IBTE? 

Mature/adult applicants must be 

  • Minimum age 21 years old 
  • Attended upper secondary school 
  • Have worked for a period of not less than 1 year ( to apply for NTec) and not less than 3 year (to apply for HNTec) 

What is the duration of IBTE programmes? 

Programmes duration varies from programmes to programmes, please refer to our IBTE eProspectus for more information. 

What medium of instruction is being used in IBTE programmes? 

All IBTE programmes are conducted in the English Language. 

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