In IBTE, we believe that one is never too young or too old to learn a new skill. If you are looking for the next step in your career or you simply want to build on your existing skill set, pursue our CET short courses and programmes that are designed for youths, professionals and those wanting to develop their skills and knowledge.

During your course or programme, you will develop the skills and knowledge to further your career and improve your employability.

Training Calendar (February-December 2023)

Fashion Design and Textile

No.CodeCourse NameVenueCourse DateDuration SessionCitizen FeesNon-Citizen Fees
1FDT01Introduction to Sewing CourseIBTE CET5 – 7 Jun
2 – 4 Oct
9 hours3 sessions$133.00$187.00

Communication and Information Technology

No.CodeCourse NameVenueCourse DateDurationSessionCitizen FeesNon-Citizen Fees
2CIT02Microsoft Excel (Beginner Level) CourseIBTE BC18 Oct – 3 Nov12 hours6 sessions$170.00$242.00
3CIT03Microsoft Excel (Intermediate Level) CourseIBTE BC5 May – 9 June17 hours6 sessions$234.00$336.00
4CIT14AutoCAD Basic Course (BC)IBTE BC3 July – 1 August
6 Nov – 5 Dec
29 hours15 Sessions$385.00$559.00
5CIT16AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course (BC)IBTE BC7 Aug – 5 Sept29 hours15 Sessions$385.00$559.00
6CIT14AutoCAD Basic Course (JBC)IBTE JBC8 May – 7 June
17 July – 16 Aug
25 Sept – 25 Oct
29 hours15 Sessions$385.00$559.00
7CIT15AutoCAD Architectural / Isometric Course (JBC)IBTE JBC20 Feb – 20 Mac
21 Aug – 20 Sept
29 hours15 Sessions$385.00$559.00
8CIT16AutoCAD 3D Modeling Course (JBC)IBTE JBC12 June – 12 July29 hours15 Sessions$385.00$559.00

Hospitality and Tourism

No. CodeCourse NameVenueCourse DateDurationSessionCitizen FeesNon-Citizen Fees
9HOS01Basic Barista Skills CourseIBTE SSRC19 Mac
9 April
21 May
18 June
9 July
13 Aug
17 Sep
15 Oct
19 Nov
10 Dec
4 hours1 session$153.00$177.00

*Note: Closing deadline for registration is usually A month before course starts
All course dates for all courses are subject to COVID-19 situation and availability of instructors

IBTE CET Courses and Programmes

No.Name of Courses/ Programmes
1Introduction to Sewing
2Basics Kurong Modern
3Basic A-Line Dress
4Introduction to Fashion Design
5Basic Fashion Illustration (Drawing)
6Basic Beading & Embroidery
7Introduction to Sewing: Basic Collars
8Introduction to Sewing: Basic Pockets
9Microsoft Word Course (Beginner Level)
10Microsoft Excel Course (Beginner Level)
11Microsoft Excel Course (Intermediate Level
12Microsoft PowerPoint Course (Intermediate Level)
13Adobe Photoshop CS Course (Beginner Level)
14AutoCAD Basic Course
15AutoCAD Architectural/ Isometric Course
16AutoCAD 3D Modelling Course
17Introduction to Microsoft Word
18Introduction to Marketing
19Basic Bookkeeping
20Basic Cashflow Forecasting Course
21Basic Barista Skills Course
22Basic Goat Production Course
23Basic Broiler Production Course
24Basic Welding Training-SMAW and Process
25Basic Turning Operations and Process
26Basic Milling Operations and Process
27Basic Welding Training – SMAW and GMAW Process
28OPITO International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST-5312)
29National Trade Skills (NTS) Training and Testing Certification in Plumbing- Training & Testing
30National Trade Skills (NTS) Training and Testing Certification in Plumbing- Direct Testing
31Basic Dining Etiquette For Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officers, Brunei Darussalam
32Basic Tourist Guide Course
33Spread Sheet Training For Royal Brunei Catering Staff
34Basic Local Host Tourist Guide
35Introduction to Safe Dispensing For Royal Brunei Armed Force Medical Services Team
36Introduction to Basic Child Healthcare For Royal Brunei Armed Force Medical Services Team
37Introduction to Basic Woman Healthcare For Royal Brunei Armed Force Medical Services Team
38Introduction to Statistics For Royal Brunei Armed Force Medical Services Team


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