About Continuing Education and Training (CET)


Function of IBTE CET

• IBTE CET provides and coordinates high quality lifelong learning courses that allows learners to expand their knowledge and skills in a specific area, whether to improve one’s skills in a current job (upskilling) or help gain new skills in preparation for career change (reskilling).

• IBTE CET also develop collaborative courses with stakeholders to ensure the authenticity, academic standard and proper alignment of courses with industry requirements.

• IBTE CET provides lifelong learning courses for both public and stakeholders, in various skill areas such as Communication & Information Technology, Fashion Design & Textile, Hospitality & Tourism, etc.

Continuous Professional Development

Besides the training programmes, the academy will also offer a number of different training and professional development opportunities for IBTE and non-IBTE teaching and non-teaching instructors according to their experience and needs. These courses will be broadly categorised as:

  • Administration development;
  • Management and Supervisory development;
  • Technical development;
  • Workshop development;
  • Education development; and
  • Language development.
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