CET General Entry Requirements & Fees

Entry Requirements

Admission criteria are subject to the type of courses. Generally, the short course admission criteria are as follows:

• 18 years old and above

(Interested applicants under the age of 18 years old at the time of application are required to submit a consent letter signed by a parent or legal guardian. Certain courses may also require the applicants to provide a copy of secondary school leaving certificate. IBTE reserves the right to verify all documentation provided by an applicant)

• Must be physically fit

• Able to read and write

• For certain courses, there may be additional academic and non-academic requirements (which will be stated in the respective course advertisement), such as have basic knowledge and skills of using a computer, have a good command of English language, pass medical and fitness test, etc.

Course Fees

Course fees are subject to the type of courses. Please refer to the IBTE CET course advertisement on our social media.

Instagram: @ibtecet

Payment Method

Applicants will be contacted by IBTE CET to make course payment after the registration closing date, OR once the slot for the course is full. Payment can be made by cash at the designated payment counter at IBTE Headquarter or at IBTE Campuses.

Payment must be made before the course starts.

Learning Time

Course time and days are stated in the respective course advertisement. This is subject to the availability of the instructors. IBTE CET courses are normally conducted after office hours, in the evening or on Friday and Sunday.

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