“Inspiring Bruneians Towards Excellence”

IBTE Vision

A Dynamic Technical Educational Institution embracing Lifelong Learning


“Nurturing Learners To Be Highly Competent and Socially Responsible Towards Building A Dynamic Economy”


  • GOAL 1: Quality Teaching and Learning

IBTE will strive to provide quality teaching and learning through responsive curriculum, well-qualified instructors, conducive learning environment, and a myriad of opportunities for learners to partake in co-curricular activities and events. Learners are able to achieve their fullest potential to become future ready individuals who are highly competent, socially responsible with positive attributes and MIB moral values, and responsive to the changes in economy, technologies and social development.

STRATEGY 1: Adopt Responsive Curriculum

STRATEGY 2: Implement Effective Teaching, Learning Strategies and Capacity

STRATEGY 3: Provide Holistic Students’ Experience


  • GOAL 2: Sustainable Corporate Governance

 IBTE is committed to build and maintain sustainable corporate governance system and standard. We continue to develop our policies and procedures to support our corporate governance system, which require us to adopt and maintain the right behaviours and highest ethical standards. To ensure that we strive to improve the effectiveness of our corporate governance system, the Board of Governors has established board standing committees to focus specifically on governance and training. Initiatives are undertaken to develop and implement a clear succession plan strategy as well as a comprehensive human resource development strategy.

STRATEGY 4: Implement Effective Human Resource Strategies

 STRATEGY 5: Enhance Financial Autonomy

STRATEGY 6: Provide Support For Establishment of Corporate Enterprise


  • GOAL 3: Effective Strategic Collaboration with Stakeholders

IBTE is devoted to establish effective strategic collaboration with industries, communities and international partners towards the development of a dynamic technical educational institution that will strategically advance IBTE nationally and regionally. Stakeholders are strategically engaged in various disciplines of IBTE core businesses.

STRATEGY 7: Establish Effective Collaboration with Industries

STRATEGY 8: Establish Effective Collaboration with Communities

STRATEGY 9: Establish Effective Collaboration with International Partners



Having suitable and sufficient skills, knowledge, talent and experience among the members of IBTE to ensure the institution keep abreast with the current trends and national needs. This is to assure successful implementation of assigned tasks that meets the expectation and requirements of the stakeholders.


Establishing and enriching a harmonious partnership with the relevant stakeholders through mutual understanding and effective communication. This is to enhance strong relationships and to collaborate in achieving the institution’s vision and mission.


A strong work ethic encompassing trustworthiness, honesty, transparent and accountability align with the concept of MIB. Being responsible and accountable in every actions action by demonstrating respect and professionalism to create the positive image of the institution.


Ability and skills to develop new ideas and create things, re-engineer things and ideas, responsive to the current trends. A way forward, keeping abreast with changes. It includes to foster creative thinking of an individual, develop different ways of thinking, and to be dynamic thinkers among the teaching staff and students.


A core value for IBTE to translate its vision, mission and core values into action by working together effectively and efficiently as one community. It is the integration of individual with different specialized background and expertise working together to create a synergy for sustainability.


Persistently finding better ways of doing things and deliver the highest quality of service to the stakeholders. Will not be complacent with the existing accomplishments, but will rather commit to seek to continuous improvement.

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