VTET Brunei Milestones

1970 Government Engineering Trade School (GETS)
1971 1st Intake of students at GETS
1971 Sekolah Bangunan Sultan Saiful Rijal (SBSSR) established (Building Trade School)
1977 Pusat Latehan Teknikal Brunei (PLTB) established (Brunei Technical Training Center)
1985 Maktab Teknik Sultan Saiful Rijal (MTSSR) formed (Merger of SBSSR and PLTB)
1986 (24th Feb) Pusat Latihan Mekanik (PLM) was established
1987 (1st April) GETS upgraded to a college, renamed Maktab Kejuruteraan Jefri Bolkiah (MKJB)
1987 Continuing Education Divison became under DTE jurisdiction
1991 Brunei Darussalam Technical and Vocational Council (BDTVEC) was established for awarding TVET qualifications. Previously were from Business Technician Education Council (BTEC) and City & Guilds London
1992 (16th Dec) Sekolah Vokasional Nakhoda Ragam (SVNR) was built and handed over to MOE
1993 Department of Technical Education (DTE) was established
1993 (8th Feb) First intake at SVNR
1996 Sekolah Vokasional Sultan Bolkiah (SVSB) started operations with 16 students in Welding & Fabrication
1997 PLM was put under DTE jurisdiction
1999 (4th Jan) Apprenticeship and Trade Testing (ATT) was set up in DTE
2000 PLM recruited its first female students
2004 (10th May) Brunei Darussalam’s membership in World Skills Organization
2005 (1st Feb) Sekolah Perdagangan (SP) was established
2005 (Aug) Sekolah Vokasional Wasan (SVW) was established
2006 (Sept) Brunei Darussalam hosted the 6th ASEAN Skills Competition
2009 ATT upgraded to Industrial Training Development, Memorandum of Agreement with 36 industrial partners for the programmes
2012 Transition to SPN21
2012 SVW was selected to be a Model School
2013 Start of the transformation of DTE to new Brunei Technical Education (BTE)
2013 (18th July) Energy Industry Competency Framework – Higher National Technical Education Certificate (EICF – HNTec) programmes launched
2014 (27th May) DTE officially changed name to Institut Pendidikan Teknikal Brunei (IBTE)
2014 Brunei Maritime Academy (BMA) was established and took in their first batch of students
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